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Updated Board Certification Case Requirements on Gender

07/21/2023 7:11 AM | Anonymous

Our recent consultations with a wide range of our North American psychoanalyst colleagues have continued to provide useful data on practice patterns and challenges faced by analysts today. Some of these have led us to review the gender requirements for cases submitted by applicants in both adult and child/adolescent analysis, considering:

  • new scholarship in the field of gender and diversity,
  • current modes of practice, revised training guidelines from APsA,
  • challenges for applicants in child and adolescent analysis to meet the case requirements for patients of different genders, and
  • changes in case requirements for graduation at local institutes.

Summarizing what we have heard and learned from analysts across the country of different theoretical backgrounds and from those with expertise in gender and diversity, we believe analysts need to explore the impact of gender and sexuality in every case, no two of which are alike, even if the patients are of a single gender. Thus, it is possible for analysts to demonstrate this competency while presenting patients of the same gender.

The result of this multi-year effort is reflected in new case eligibility requirement for gender, as follows:

We strongly recommend that applicants present patients of different genders to provide the best circumstances for evaluation of the Gender and Sexuality Competency.

This replaces the previous “requirement of patients of different genders” for both adult and child/adolescent applications, as well as the 2022 modification of child/adolescent case requirements regarding gender.

This updated version will assist applicants in demonstrating their competency and more accurately reflects the practice of psychoanalysis today.

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