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Join ABPsa Legacy Partners

Ensuring standards for psychoanalysis

Joining ABPsa Legacy Partners means that you have included ABPsa in your estate plans, be it a will, trust, or other beneficiary designation. And you let us know!

To learn how to designate ABPsa in your estate plan, please visit

To let us know that you have included the ABPsa in your estate plan, please complete this online form or this printable form.

Once we receive your completed form, you become a ABPsa Legacy Partner. That said, you can change your plans at any time.

Becoming an ABPsa Legacy Partner allows us to pay tribute to your thoughtful generosity, leadership, and long-term vision. We want to take every opportunity to properly steward a gift that will impact the public, the profession, and your colleagues for years to come.

You are also setting an example for others which may influence their decision to make a similar commitment. That’s your “second gift,” if you will.

We will acknowledge your generosity and commitment to psychoanalytic standards on our website, in newsletters, and in other materials as appropriate. You are welcome to remain anonymous if that is your preference.

Thank you, in advance, for considering a legacy gift in service of the profession and the public—and then informing us once you have. It only takes a couple of minutes to let us know through this online form or this printable form.

We very much look forward to partnering with you in this way.

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       501 S. Cherry Street, #1100, Denver, CO 80246
        Phone: (303) 676-8008  |  Email:

The American Board of Psychoanalysis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public interest and promoting the profession of psychoanalysis through certification and maintenance of certification. 

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