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Stacey Keller, MD, FABP

Professional Positions

    • Chair, President & CEO, American Board of Psychoanalysis; 2014-present     
    • Private Practice: 1993-Present.  Outpatient individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis 
    • Director Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis   2007-2013
    • Staff Psychiatrist, Arapahoe Mental Health Center 1992-1993

Academic Appointments

  • University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Psychiatry
    • Associate Clinical Professor   2006-Present
    • Assistant Clinical Professor    2000-2006
  • Faculty Member  
    • Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis Faculty 1998-Present
  • Training and Supervising Analyst  2005-Present

Honors & Awards

  • Brandt F. Steele, M.D.  Award.  “In recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the areas of teaching research and community service.”  Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis, 2013
  • Distinguished Fellow.  American Psychiatric Association, 2003
  • University of Virginia Representative Symposium on Depression, 1990
  • The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation of the American Medical Women’s Association, 1985
  • Alpha Omega Alpha (The Pennsylvania State University, Milton S. Hershey College of Medicine) 1985
  • The March of Dimes Foundation Belle and Herman Hammerman  Scholarship, 1982\Central Scholarship Bureau Scholarship 1982, 1983, 1984
    • Outstanding Young Women of America Award 1982
    • Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship, Duke University, 1977-1981

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • American Psychoanalytic Association
  • Colorado Psychiatric Society
  • Denver Psychoanalytic Society
  • International Psychoanalytic Association
  • Colorado NonProfit Association

Honorary Appointments

  • Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association, 2003
  • Angier B. Duke Scholar, Duke University 1977-1981

Research Experience & Grants 

1982-1984    National Institutes of Health Student Short Term Training and Research Grant (1982 and 1983).  Artificial heart and left ventricular assist device research and development team.  Division of Artificial Organs, William S. Pierce, M.D., Director.  The Pennsylvania State University.

1987-1989    Effects of arterial intramural stress on LDL permeability and the development of atherosclerotic lesions.  Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Stanton P. Nolan, M.D., University of Virginia Health Sciences Center.

Organizational Appointments

    • University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
  • Psychiatric Student Mental Health, Psychiatrist 1993-Present (24 yrs)
  • Mentor, Residency Mentorship Program 1998 (1 yr)
  • Division Head, Psychoanalysis in the Department of Psychiatry Executive Committee 2007-13  (6 yrs)
  • Member, Psychotherapy Scholars Track Psychodynamic Group 2011-12  (2 yrs)
  • Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis:
    • Candidate Rep, Curriculum Committee 1994-1998 (4 yrs)
    • Curriculum Committee 1998-2016 (18 yrs)
    • Member, Task Force on Expectations, Evaluations 1996 (1 yr) and Feedback Class Evaluator  1999-2005 (6)
    • Consultant, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program 1999-2000, 2006-2008 (3)
    • Progression Committee 2001-2016 (15)
    • Secretary of Institute  2001-2007 (6)
    • Executive Committee Member  2001-2013 (12)
    • Extended Executive Committee 2001-2016 (15)
    • Bylaws Committee  2004-2015 (11)
    • Chair, Bylaws Committee 2013-2015 (2)
    • Finance Committee 2004-2016 (12)
    • Website Development   2004-2009 (5)
    • Member, Evaluations Ad Hoc Subcommittee  2005-2010 (5)
    • Director of Institute    2007-2013 (6)
    • Chair, Joint Financial Task Force of DIP/DPS   2008-2012 (4)
    • Ethics Committee   2013-present (4)
    • Colloquium Subcommittee and Evaluator  2011-present (6)
  • Denver Psychoanalytic Society:
    • Member, Program Committee   1997-2010 (3)
    • Member, Nominating Committee   2000-2001 (1)
  • American Psychoanalytic Association:
    • Institute Representative, Affiliate Council  1996-1998 (2)
    • Affiliate Member 1994-1998 (4)
    • General Member 1998-Present (19)
    • Judge, Affiliate Council Scientific Paper Prize Competition 1999, 2000 (2)
    • Fellow, Board on Professional Standards 2007-2014 (7)
    • Member, Committee on Institutes of the Board on Professional Standards 2008-2016 (8)
      • Michigan Site Visit Team
      • Minnesota Site Visit Team
      • PINE Site Visit Team
      • Boston Psa Society and Inst
      • Site Visit Team - Chair
      • Chair, Ad-Hoc Task Force on Telephone  Analysis 2011-2014 (3)
      • Task Force for Externalization of Certification of The Board Of Professional Standards    
        • Member 2012-2014 (2)
        • Chair  2013-2014 (1)
        • Member, BOPS Nominating Committee            2012 (1)
        • Outside Evaluator for Training Analysts             2014-present
      • Center for Advanced Psychoanalytic Studies               2012-present
      • American Board of Psychoanalysis.  Chairman, President & CEO   2014-present
      • Publications

        Scientific Presentations

        1.   Christie, AM, Donachy JH, Rosenberg G, Pierce WS:  Scanning electron microscopic evaluations of segmented polyurethanes used for biomedical applications.  Meeting of the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs, Atlanta, 1985.

        2.   Christie, AM, Thubrikar M, Holloway, PW, Garmey M, Nolan SP:  Increased low density lipoprotein permeability in ostial regions of rabbit aorta.  FASEB, New Orleans, 1989.

        Scientific Abstracts

        1.  Christie AM, Donachy JH, Rosenberg G, Pierce WS:  Scanning electron microscopic evaluations of segmented polyurethanes used for biomedical applications.  ASAIO Abstracts, 1985.

        2.  Thubrikar M, Christie AM, Cao-Danh H, Holloway PW, Nolan SP:  Mechanism of low density lipoprotein transport in aortic regions prone to atherosclerosis.  World Congress of Biomechanics, 1990.

        3.  Thubrikar M, Cao-Danh H, Christie AM, Holloway PW, Nolan SP:  receptor mediated low density lipoprotein transport in aortic regions prone to atherosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis 15:768A, 1990.

        4.  Thubrikar M, Christie AM, Cao-Danh H, Holloway PW:  Metoprolol reduces low density lipoprotein uptake in aortic regions prone to atherosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis 15: 768A, 1990.

        Scientific Manuscripts:

        1.    Christie AM, Donachy JH, Rosenberg G, Pierce WS: Scanning electron microscopic evaluations of segmented polyurethanes used for biomedical applications.  Trans Am Soc Artif Intern Organs Vol XXXI:512-516, 1985.

        2.     Tribble CG, Christie AM, Kron IL:  Repair of thoracic aortic aneurysms in the elderly; Are shunts necessary?  Journal of Vascular Surgery 6:553-554, 1987.

        3.    Thubrikar MJ, Keller AC, Holloway PW, Nolan SP:  Distribution of low density lipoprotein in the branch and non-branch regions of the aorta.  Atherosclerosis, 97:91-99, 1992

        Other Publications and Presentations: 

          • “Independent Board Certification in Psychoanalysis”  Task Force to Externalize Certification Report; Presented to the Board on Professional Standards of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Jan 10, 2015 and published on www.apsa.org in YouTube format May 2015
          • On Analytic Listening:  With Evelyn Schwaber,  American Psychoanalytic Association.  Case Presentation, Spring Meetings, June 2012
          • Project Evolution:  A Report on the Joint Financial Task Force of the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis and Denver Psychoanalytic Society, 2009.  Presentation and Workshop at  the DIP Retreat, Colorado Springs, CO.  
          • Panel:  Confrontation in Psychoanalysis.  Case Presentation, Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis Retreat, February 2006

        Contact Us:
        501 S. Cherry Street, #1100, Denver, CO 80246
        Phone: (303) 676-8008  |  Email:  info@abpsa.org

        The American Board of Psychoanalysis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public interest and promoting the profession of psychoanalysis through certification and maintenance of certification. 

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