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Malini SingH, phd, FABP

Malini Singh, Ph.D. is a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY) affiliated with NYU School of Medicine, where she is on the teaching faculty, serves on the Board of Trustees and holds a variety of organizational appointments. She is also a board member of the American Board of Psychoanalysis.

Dr. Singh is in full-time private practice in New York, specializing in psychoanalysis with adults and psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents. Her special interests are in working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds who have anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and relationship difficulties as well as learning disorders. She also has a background in neuropsychology and does neuropsychological testing in her practice.

Dr. Singh has a Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from York University in Toronto, where she trained in a variety of clinical settings including the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. She moved to New York for further clinical training including a neuropsychology fellowship at St. Vincents Hospital, where she worked in the Department of Neurology for several years, pursued psychoanalytic training and made New York her home.

Professional Positions

  • Board Member, American Board of Psychoanalysis, 2021-Present

  • Private Practice, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, 1996-Present.
  • Staff Psychologist, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Department of Neurology, 1995-1999
  • Staff Psychologist, New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, 1996-2007

Academic Appointments

  • Faculty, PANY 2007

Professional Memberships

  • Rapaport - Klein Study Group
  • Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY)

Honors & Awards

    • Fellowship, American Psychoanalytic Association 1998-99

    • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship for Doctoral Study 1987-1992


  • 2019: Certified in Adult Psychoanalysis.  The American Board of Psychoanalysis

Organizational Appointments

American Board of Psychoanalysis

  • Board Member (2021-present)
Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY) 
  • Chair, Curriculum Committee, Adult Psychoanalytic Program (2013-2018)
  • Member, Admissions Committee  (2012-2019)
  • Faculty Representative, Education Committee (2021- Present)

  • Board Member (2021-present)

  • Member, Education Committee (2013-2018)

Papers & Presentations


  • Goldman RS, Emberger, KM, Smet IC, Singh M, Keefe RSE.(2003) Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. In: Psychiatry, 2nd Edition. A Tasman, J Kay, JA Lieberman, Eds. Wiley and Sons: West Essex, Eng, pp. 363-402.

  • Goldman RS, Smet IC, Singh, M (1997). Cognitive Neuroscience. A. Tasman, J Kay, J.A Lieberman (Eds). IN: Psychiatry. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders.

Presentations / Panels

  • 2010: Discussant, “The Role of Testing in the Context of Psychotherapy’, American Psychoanalytic Association, January Meeting, 2010

  • 2009 Learning Difficulties: Philosophy Day School, Parents’ Association Lecture, NYC

  • 2008 ‘How The Story Was Begun- First Session On The Couch’, Outreach Program, PANY

  • 2008 Case Presentation, ‘Gender Identity Conflict -Cross Cultural Perspectives’; Center for Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, New Delhi, India

  • 2004 Chair, ‘Conversion From Psychotherapy to Psychoanalysis’; Candidate-Organized Scientific Meeting, PANY

  • 2002 Presenter, ‘Clinical Case Report Writing’, PANY

  • 2001 Chair, Discussion on Aftermath of September 11, South Asian Psychoanalytic Forum, The Psychoanalytic Institute

  • 1992: Singh, M & Greenberg, L. A Study on the Measurement of Session Changes; Panel Presentation at the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Berkeley

  • 1993: Singh, M & Greenberg, L. A Study on the Measure of Session Changes, Panel Presentation at the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Pittsburg.

  • 1993: Singh, M & Greenberg, L. Studying Changes in Representations of Self and Other. Panel Presentation, Society for Psychotherapy Integration.

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