Certification is a voluntary process by which a psychoanalyst demonstrates though blind peer review post graduate clinical competence in the core competencies of psychoanalytic theory and practice. It can be an important developmental experience.  To be vetted and endorsed by a group of Certified psychoanalysts who have no personal or institutional relationship with the applicant provides a meaningful affirmation of the applicant’s emerging analytic identity.

The ABP is committed to continuing to ongoing refinement of the certification procedures in order to remove, to the greatest degree possible, bias and error resulting from a lack of inter-rater reliability and other sources of error.  The ABP Bylaws specifically state that a researcher be a member of the Board of Directors.

ABP will invest certification in psychoanalysis with the same standing it has in other professions. To do this, certification is administered by a fully autonomous entity that is financially independent and not subject to undue influence from either membership organizations or training institutions. As a result, the ABP certification will present a more meaningful credential to the public and governmental agencies.