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Leslie Jordan, phd, FABP

Professional Positions

  • Faculty Member.  Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis (1994-present)
  • Training and Supervising Analyst (2017-present)
  • Board Member, American Board of Psychoanalysis (2019 - present)

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Colorado (2000)
  • Associate Clinical Professor, University of Colorado (2004)

Honors & Awards

  • Brandt Steele Award.  Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis (2002)
  • Clinical Faculty Award.  University of Colorado (2004)

Professional Memberships

  • Denver Psychoanalytic Society Member (1992-present)
  • Membership: American Psychoanalytic Association (1994-present)
  • Study Groups: Continuous Case Conference (1992-present, ongoing)
  • International Fellow at IPA Research Training Program at University College, London(2010), directed by Peter Fonagy


    • 1999: Certified in Adult Psychoanalysis, The American Psychoanalytic Association
    • 2015: Certified in Adult Psychoanalysis.  The American Board of Psychoanalysis

    Organizational Appointments

    Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis:

    • Secretary of the Institute (1995-98, 2016-2019)
    • Admissions Committee (6 years total)
    • Ombudsperson  (1999-2002)
    • Director, Psychoanalytic Clinic, Denver Institute (2001-2009)
    • Curriculum Committee (2 terms of 6 years each)
    • Chair of Ethics Committee (2 terms of 3 years)
    • Progression Committee (2 terms of 3 years, ongoing)
    • Research Committee (3 terms of 3 years, ongoing)
    • Co-Chair of Evaluation of Learning Sub-Committee (6 years, ongoing)

    Papers & Presentations

    1997: Jordan, L., Nonverbal Communication in the Psychoanalytic Process:Panel Report. JAPA, 45, 1261-1269.

    2002 Jordan, L.The Analyst’s Uncertainty and Fear:Panel Report. JAPA, 50:989-993.

    2006 Jordan, L., and Emde, R., Evaluating Learning from the Curriculum. JAPA, 54: 231-249

    2007. Jordan, L. How Psychoanalysts Think and Why They Think the Way They Do: Reflections on Three Psychoanalytic Hours. (Book review) Edited by A.A. Rothstein and S. Abrams, International Universities Press, 2005. Psychoanalytic Quarterly 76:302-310.

    2009. Gaensbauer, T., and Jordan, L. "Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Early Trauma," JAPA 57: 947-977.

    2010. Jordan, L. Making a difference in Patients’ Lives: Emotional Experience in the Therapeutic Setting, By Sandra Buechler (Book Review), Routledge 2008. Psychoanalytic Quarterly 79: 294-302.

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    501 S. Cherry Street, #1100, Denver, CO 80246
    Phone: (303) 676-8008  |  Email:  info@abpsa.org

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