The Board

The American Board of Psychoanalysis is a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors, under whose auspices the work of providing a certification examination occurs. The corporation does not have members, and Directors serve in a voluntary capacity. The Board is a self-perpetuating board that consists primarily of certified psychoanalysts. Twenty per cent of the Board may be represented by non-psychoanalyst members who represent the public or provide special expertise. The initial transitional board, composed of some of the members of APsaA’s Task Force on Externalization of Certification, served for two years to provide the transition to the American Board of Psychoanalysis.

The ABP is an autonomous organization and is separate from other psychoanalytic membership organizations. In keeping with best practices in non-profit organizations sitting officers and elected officials of other psychoanalytic organizations are ineligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

The Current Board

  • Stacey C. Keller, MD (Chair of the Board)
  • Richard W. Weiss, MD (Vice-Chair of the Board)
  • Phil Lebovitz, MD (Treasurer)
  • Ellen Helman, MSW (Secretary)
  • Sydney Anderson, PhD (Chair of Research and Development)
  • Richard Hennessey, JD (Public Member)
  • Jay Kwawer, PhD
  • Catherine Kimble, MD (Chair of Fundraising Committee)
  • Michael Moore, MD (Chair of Certification Committee)
  • Charles Parks, MD
  • Carmela Perez, PhD
  • Mike Singer, DO
  • Harvey Schwartz, MD


Committees of the Board

Accreditation - Stacey Keller, MD, Ellen Helman, MSW, Co-Chairs

Bylaws - Richard Hennessy, JD, Chair

Certification - Michael Moore, MD, Chair

Finance - Phil Lebovitz, MD, Chair

Grandparenting - Ellen Helman, MSW, Chair

Marketing and Website - Ellen Helman, MSW, Chair

Nominating - Richard Weiss, MD, Chair

Outreach - Richard Weiss, MD, Chair

Research and Development - Sydney Anderson, PhD, Chair

Registry - Carmela Perez, PhD, Chair