Core Psychoanalytic Competencies

Guidelines for Evaluating Applications for Certification

The Committee on Research and Development studies the reliability of the certification process, and also reviews process-related issues in an ongoing effort to make the process as user-friendly and respectful as possible for potential applicants. The committee has conducted research projects designed to refine and elaborate the core competencies that form the basis for the certification examination. 

The clinical skills outlined in the Guidelines for Evaluating Applications for Certification are believed to be those present in competent analytic work. They are included here in order to give applicants an idea of what the committee looks for when evaluating work submitted for certification. Some of the skills are more specifically analytic than others, and many overlap. Most skills can be revealed indirectly through the narrative of the work and need not necessarily be articulated directly in the written or oral reports. The committee members use the components of the list as guidelines only, not as a set of required criteria rigidly held in some perfectionistic view of analytic technique, process or clinical results.