As a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, I work with individuals to help them understand themselves better so they can function better and with more joy in their lives, relationships, and work. I try to listen to the stated issues for underlying themes and patterns which help to identify what may be getting in the way. Individuals may come to me with a variety of difficulties: sadness; depression; anxiety; life transitions; relationship issues; professional difficulties; patterns of job or relationship failures; past history of trauma; or current trauma. I provide a confidential and safe situation to meet and discuss a person’s needs. I do analytically informed psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for both long and short term treatments. I am on the faculty at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute, and have extensive training and experience in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. I have worked with and have interest in adult men’s and women’s issues. I have experience and interest in working with professional individuals (e.g. attorneys, physicians, nurses, therapists, organization leaders, CPA’s and more).

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    American Board of Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalytic Education

  • Adult: Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis 1998-2001. Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute 2002-2007
  • License No. and State: OR MD23141
  • Psychoanalytic Institute/Center affiliation: Oregon Psychoanalytic


  • Accepted Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, Check
  • Accepted Insurance Plans: Aetna, BlueCross and BlueShield, United

Certifications in Psychoanalysis

Membership In Psychoanalytic Organization
  • Name of Psychoanalytic Organization: Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Date of candidate membership: 2001
  • Date Of Active/Graduate Membership: 2007

Year of Certification by ABP: