Certification for Graduate Analysts

The ABP procedure for Certification in Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis consists of two phases, the submission of written case reports followed by an oral examination.

The applicant submits two written reports (no more than 20 pages each) of two psychoanalytic cases seen at a frequency of 3 to 5 times weekly to demonstrate understanding of psychoanalysis and competence to conduct psychoanalytic treatment. These reports should be of analyses of a different genders, both of which are at least in the middle phase, and at least one of which should be in or have completed a termination experience.

The written work is reviewed by the entire Certification Committee prior to meeting with the applicant. Any questions that may arise about the written work can then be discussed in person with the applicant during the interview with two members of the Certification Committee. In order to enable the committee to more fully understand the applicant’s work, process (session) material from the analyses of the patients presented in the two written reports should be brought to the interview. The applicant should also be prepared to discuss at the interview a third patient who has been in a 3 to 5 times per week analysis. It is not necessary to prepare a written report on this third patient, but the applicant should bring to the interview process (session) material from three sessions, ideally recent, and be prepared to give a brief oral introduction of this third patient prior to discussing the process material. After the interview the committee meets again to review the total application. Detailed information about the certification procedures is available in the ABP Certification Committee Standards Procedures and Guidelines.

In this document there are guidelines for applicants to use in preparing their written reports and for the interview. The Certification Committee has also included the guidelines it uses in reviewing applicants’ work for certification.